I have a bunch of calves right now (January 2018), so many that I can't get photos of each one--they're in a big "calf gang"! So here's just a bunch of pix. Looks like it's a bull year; so far only two heifers are for sale, and all the others are bulls. Heifers will have captions, and crossbred bulls also. Calves will be ready in Spring.

Bulls are $700--$1000; heifers $1500. Crossbred 25% Gyr bulls are $2000. The one bull that is 1/8 Gyr, 7/8Mini Zebu is $3000.Crossbred heifers not for sale.


 Just email me for info!

Herdsire WHF Rajah, PGCH. Rajah has sired

over 50 calves, and many have been winners

that also throw lots of color.

┬ęCopyright 2018 Dottie Love. All Rights Reserved.
┬ęCopyright 2018 Dottie Love. All Rights Reserved.