Fancher Love Ranch
Dottie Love Ennis, Texas Miniature and Large Breed Zebu Cattle since 2001
 When I was growing up in Central Texas, my dad had a hobby herd of registered Polled Hereford cattle from the Rollo Domino and Domestic Anxiety bloodlines. By the time I was 8, I learned two things about cows: that it was fun to ride on our bull's back as he ambled to the barn, and that my dad would yell "Act like a fence!" when cows got loose. I didn't understand what "acting like a fence" was all about then, but I realize now how necessary that skill is! But of course there's a lot more to raising cattle. My dad is gone, so I was on my own, learning about Zebu, the humped cattle of the Indian subcontinent. Yes, zebu are cattle, but they're different from European breeds: they're independent, sensitive, observant, very intelligent, and form strong bonds to their humans. Over the years I've become an amateur "Applied Animal Ethologist," a person that studies the behavior of farm animals. My cows live in the back yard; observing their herd dynamics and individual quirks entertains and teaches me every day!
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