I'm Dottie Love, an artist and community college teacher. In 2001 I discovered the Miniature Zebu breed and have been hooked ever since. Here in North Texas, my herd includes Registered Miniature Zebu cattle along with a crossbreeding program of Gyr and Indo Brazilians. I have about 10 calves for sale each year. I hardly ever sell adults; this makes my herd extremely close-knit and stable.


I'm an amateur "Applied Animal Ethologist," a person that studies the behavior of domestic animals. Zebu cattle (Bos Indicus) are really different from "regular" cattle (Bos Taurus): much more intelligent and independent. My cows live in the back yard; observing their herd dynamics and individual quirks entertains and teaches me every day!

My first cows were wild. Although they calmed down over time, I realized I couldn't force them to do anything that wasn't their idea. Learning from cow experts Dr. Temple Grandin, Bud Williams, and Steve Cote--as well as being with my herd every day--helped me to develop my own handling techniques for zebu cattle. My methods took years to fine-tune (but I'll never be finished!); they work with the cow's instincts.  I'll tell you all about it on the Zebu Info page.

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